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Nukk in the language Coraabish.

Aug is a general term for visual or audiovisual sensors as well as recording devices used as supplementary protective mechanisms for very important persons. Augs often have their own autonomous interware and can instantly determine the appropriate recipients they should be forwarding their data to. For instance, whenever a fire breaks out, all augs nearby record the emergency and immediately report it to the authorities. Such records also serve as very useful evidence for investigating various crimes. Augs are used all over Coraabia and their uses are virtually limitless.

Augs can be static as well as mobile. Air space over larger settlements is usually monitored by flying augs, tight corridors in sewer systems or other inaccessible places are covered by crawling augs. There are also head augs, underwater augs, strato-augs, and also nano-augs, which compose the final - perfectly accurate - image by matrix tesselation of millions of sub-recordings taken from all possible angles and distances.

The biggest manufacturer of optical augs is none other than the technological powerhouse WaalkWak.