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Race: artificial intelligence

Homeworld: Khalfass

Era: 3886 Tu - present

Production of so called mobile defense automatons was a natural reaction of Basaap botters to the monopoly of giant technocorporations from WaalkWak and Cosmopolitan worlds. People of Khalafass were fed up with buying overpriced bots from distant worlds, especially due to the oscillation tax burden. Automaton's biggest advantage lies in its price - a new machine can be bought for about the same money as a basic Agrava model without nanometalic paint job. Automatons are being successfully deployed in a wide range of tasks and activities : from military operations, through property and personnel security, to heavy industry or even translation services. However paradoxically it may sound, these grim looking monsters contain sophisticated interware with advanced intelligence.

After the introduction of the first Automaton series, the competitors were puzzled by Khalafass botters quick development of technological innovations contained by the machine. The reason they found was quite simple - the interware was copied to the line from wak Indigo-bot series and weapons could be tracked down to confiscated cargo from Ulgor. Khalafassians didn't even bother to get rid of the original production serial numbers.

Automatons might be but a mixture of stolen or illegally acquired technology, but it does not change the fact, that local botters did a great job. They are selling well, despite that sales on WaalkWak and in Cosmopolitan worlds are strictly prohibited. Interestingly, these are the places where most of Automatons are shipped to. This is no wonder, as its cost is only a fifth of an Indigo-bot.