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Bluttus - an obsessive experimenter with destructive tendencies.
(Coraabia Artist:: Daniel Špaček)

Race: Unliving - Vatter

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4177 Tu - present

An Unliving and by all accounts mad scientist Bluttus has always flaunted his doctorate - although he never actually had one. Initially, he performed his shady genetic experiments on himself. Later, he hired a trustful assistant Snarg for this job. He always thought he would become a respected expert one day but all university committees only laughed at him. One day, yet another dose of humiliation pushed him over the edge and Bluttus caused a bacteriological disaster in Sector 10, temporarily lowering the average IQ in the area by one fifth. After this incident, he had to move to illegality for good. He established a secret underground laboratory where he continues in his monstrous experiments undisturbed.

The unsung scientist also became notorious for his unscrupulous illegal surgeries. When a mutilated man, today known as Eezar Kott, came to him after a serious accident, Bluttus did not hesitate to kidnap a street mime and stitch his face to the disfigured client. In his free time, Bluttus used to work as a house pet taxidermist.

Bluttus tried to impress the Coraabish Orbital university's admittance committee nine times without ever succeeding the way he intended to. He left an everlasting mark with his unsuccessful experiment with bio-acid 9-KUUL which, apart from two members of the committee, etched huge holes in floors of seven stories of the university.