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We're losing piles ofXot here every day and all they do is burying their snouts in the ground as if nothing was happening. They should lock them up 'till they rot away. - Annkorian hotelier
(Coraabia Artist: Samuel Thompson)

Race: Ruuk

Homeworld: Annkor

Era: -600,000 Tu - present

Upon their first arrival onto the green moon Annkor, Annors were in ecstasy; their very own celestial companion was literally bursting with life. It was a matter of days before first ruuk breeds were discovered - and breeds kindred to those Annors were familiar with from their homeworld nonetheless. From all the newly discovered species, boruuk stood on top of the evolutionary chain. Boruuk is equipped with a pair of overgrown teeth. In combination with mighty jumps and fiery temper, these can easily turn into deadly spikes as many Annorian xennologists can attest to. Boruuks naturally gather in large herds, migrating throughout the misty plains of Onnbara-Tui on regular basis. Hungry boruuks simply stop and thrust their teeth into the ground, sucking out nutrients as they walk. Kilometres-long furrows created this way are typical signs of boruuks' presence.

Boruuks' majestic teeth have yet another use; boruuks carve complicated ornaments into each other's skins. This form of scarification probably developed as a way of battling the overpopulated Annkorian parasites from the Nnamanapalla genus. These parasites caused Boruuks carbuncles painful to such an extent they learned to instinctively remove them with their teeth. A male boruuk with many carvings therefore symbolizes a courageous and stalwart boruuk specimen.

Boruuks are dramatically threatended by the ongoing colonization of Annkor. As the moon is nowadays a popular exotic tourist destination, Annors sealed every single entrance to the Onnbara-Tui plains for the sake of safety of their resorts. This measure causes malnutrition throughout the boruuk population, increasingly escalating their aggresivity. The Annorian government is thus seriously considering their forced resettlement to Annor.