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Race: Rlah

Homeworld: Rad'Zaak

Era: 4183 Tu - present

Rlahs ane a mysterious nomads from xennozone that spread to most of developed worlds in Coraabia many years ago. Bosolem hails from the biggest Rad'Zaak branch (known as Arlah'Za). He grew up in isolation from other cultures, becoming very traditionalist. Orthodox Rlahs refuse to wear clothing and use any technology, they communicate by Buuo, sophisticated sign language using all their upper arms. Their potencial underdevelopment is compensated by perfect coordination, making them very dangerous in combat. Bosolem excels in this field. Dexterity and lighting reflexes are invaluable assets for bodyguard he is.

In combat, Rlah use three to five staves called Yortu. Those are to this day manufactured in traditional way - slowly molding and shaping fine scales from rare meta-timber. Every warrior creates his own staves, process, that takes considerable time. Bosolem is able to deflect bullets or poisoned darts by quickly spinning his Yortu, very usefull skill at Rad'Zaak, where those are favourite tools for killing.

Bosolem served as bodyguar of Garama Varga during her visit in Kla'Waska on Rad'Zaak. In 4220 Tu Bosolem closely prevented assassination attempt at Garama. To this day he didn't forgive himself for the failure - yes, his spinning Yortu deflected most of the attacker's bullets, but one hit Garama's side and severely wounded her.