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Race: Latak

Homeworld: Khalfass

Era: 4229 Tu - 4278 Tu

Popular xennohunter, heir of the Lataki Botca dynasty. Hoof's ancestor, legendary Botcama, in 4065 Tu participated in Khalfass invasion of Grannok, bringing home many trophies of lesser Daemons. Botcahoof was fascinated by the creatures and dreamed of one day facing them himself. Young Latak learned the ways of hunters in DuRuukur and visited many worlds of Xennozone among the hunters. Each planet posed a new lesson and opportunity to master his skills, especially in combat aganist the most dangerous Ruuk species. After single-handedly defeating mighty Agroruuk male, using only a simple trap, he considered himself ready to face the Grannok.

Botcahoof felt ready for Grannok mission, the most ambitious plan in his mind - to duel with B'Khelith himself, for millenia undefeated high Daemon champion. It was a risky mission, requiring him to venture deep into Xa mass infested territory (which in turn would anger Xins, local keepers of the balance). In 4264 Tu Botcahoof finally lands on Grannok.

Young Latak soon faced and defeated several lesser Daemons. Blinded by the ambition and arrogance, he sets fire to the local vegetation to attract B'Khelit's attention. Instead of epic climatic duel with Grannok's champion he got caught by the Neo Xin and expeditiously deprted back to Khalfass. He is however still dead set on finishing his epic mission.