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Race: Tezzik

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4228 Tu - present

Similar to many of his contemporaries from the Periphery, Bukran spent his childhood working in the TolChent docks. Here he survived a heavy accident, when he was burned while manipulating with bio-acid. This accident changed his looks to such extent that he was mistaken for an unliving by many. When he did not get any form of compensation from the business management, he joined Blupan. He unexpectedly left this criminal organisation in 4247 Tu together with all the spoils from the last two Hazes. The dissolution of Blupan two Tu later allowed Bukran to return from Khoptid, where he was hiding from his former bosses. Since he already got used to a life with a surplus of Xot, he is willing to get hired to any kind of work, which is sufficiently paid for by the customer.

A surprising chapter in Bukran's life is his short membership in the Kin's reversals sect. The other believers soon started to doubt their new brother's faith, an assumption that soon proved correct. Bukran got hired by a renowned religious item collector Van'Thula to "clean" the main shrine of the Reversals, which he executed without any hesitation.

Thanks to his malformed body, Bukran was often able to infiltrate unliving communities. He even signed up for an ability contest Taar'Loppa, where he won not only in the "Fume resistance" category, but had also beaten the three-times champion in clueless peering. His victory in the "Naked rocht" did however lead to revelation of his origin and subsequent disqualification.