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Race: Chimaka

Homeworld: Annor

Era: -30,000 Tu - present

The so-called Air runners are a tribe of hunters, which inhabits the deep jungles of Annor. They live exclusively in the treetops of the Mabba-ri trees, which reach the height of hundred meters and in rare cases even more. Tsi'makas have a good sight and really strong bones that are able to endure even extreme load. They have a very specific hunting style - they hurl themselves from the height of several dozens of meters from the branches to the ground, piercing the chosen prey to the ground with their horns, breaking their spine in the process. Aside from their flexible skeleton, this style is possible thanks to another pair of cross-growing horns, which reinforce the arms. Tsi'makas need a huge amount of calcium for their nutrition, which they gain from bone-meals of hunted ruuks of various species. Meat is considered a secondary product.

Old and ill individuals with weak bones are ritually thrown down from the treetops of the tallest trees. Due to the relatively short lifespan of Tsi'makas, this is a rather common sight and lead to an evolution of a huge mushroom growing on the trunks of Mabba-ri trees, which specializes on this regular source of nutrition.

During the ages, a range of creatures managed to adapt to the danger of Tsi'maka air attacks. A specific species of a reptiler developed a long colourful tail, which it uses to distract the hunter from its chest. The tail is strong like rock and if hit by an unsuspecting Tsi'maka, the unfortunate "air-runner" risks strong concussion.