Count Mange

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Race: unliving – Zomb

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: ? - 3881 Tu

When the impoverished Zomb named Egnam got to the rock bottom, he decided to solve his problems as many other smarty-pants did - he founded a new religion. Thanks to his innert charisma and a few illegaly bought Zomb ree he gained a lot of followers for the imaginary god Mange and, as the one and only grand "count", collected regular tithe to allow him to live in quite wealth. However, the pantheon of gods and deities is complex and holds more than a few surprises. So-called Mange is in fact being worshipped by Flurro bio-corporation as it's supreme corporate god. They soon started to brazenly blackmail the blasphemer Egnam.

Count Mange didn't even have to hide from the attacks as much as from the lawyers. Flurro repeatedly sent prophet-lawyer Kangaragande to Coraab. The result, accusation of Egnam of stealing the brand and breaking copyright. Poor Count Mange spent Tu on courts, defending himself against the corporation. In the end, he was found dead in his cellar under mysterious circumstances.

Count Mange forced an idea on his followers, that the Zomb carapaces hold noone less than the holy Man-Pagan and Ge-Bog and that they will rise again one day. Thanks to precise use of emitors his underground palace really did induce a sense of the great ones rising and talking. Rumor has it Mange was ultimately remowed by renegades of his own sect.