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Deddy - one of the grotesque experiments of a deranged Unliving scientist.
(Coraabia Artist:: Jukka Rajaniemi)

Race: artificial Unliving being

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4209 Tu4241 Tu

The creature known as Deddy was one of the many genetic brainchildren of deranged Dr. Bluttus. In this case, he combined a dead body with cybernetic implants and Unliving genome sequences. As a result, he created a bizarre servant. It is not even entirely clear whether it was an independently thinking creature or to which extent it was a mere remotely controlled puppet. Since Bluttus was an intensively sought-after man living in forced exile, it seems likely that Deddy was supposed to act as both his spokesperson and middleman for contact with outside world. However, one day, Deddy failed to return to him from his journey in search of rations. Some say he managed to become self-aware, liberated himself and leads a secret movement helping the other enslaved Unliving today.

In fact, the cause of Deddy’s disappearance can be traced directly to Bluttus' archnemesis – equally deranged pseudoscientist Snarg. He assaulted Deddy, took him hostage and installed several pounds of explosives into his body, which were supposed to explode in Bluttus' lair. However, the only casualties happened to be some unlucky homeless since the fuse ignited prematurely along the way.

Deddy possessed his own intelligence after all. Oftentimes, he asked his master about his origin. Until his death, he lived in an illusion that he descended from an ancient house of the Unliving rulers of Coraab, awaiting their own return. In reality, he was a simple combination of an ages ago decommissioned domestic bio-robot and a dead xenoporn editor.