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Race: Drench


Era: ? - present

The vast swamps of Xöon-Chab are a rather unexplored area and thus are very attractive for xenauts. First mentions of swamplings appear in the xenologic scripts of the famous xenist Xed. Drench usually inhabit expansive metan fields areas - they considers the liquid gas an ideal shelter from predators. Despite that, drenchi are sometimes spotted even several kilometers from their natural habitat in the surrounding wetlands. Xenauts agree that that these creatures embark on long journeys in search for food. They have superb sight and hunt only in the night. Thanks to sticky laminations on both limb pairs, they have no problems to climb even slippery rock-slopes. These creatures consider the egruuk eggs as the greatest delicacy, but also feed on small animals, meta-insects and leftover carcasses. In case of getting into danger, swamplings are able to utilize their unmatched agility and speed to literally disappear from the sight of their enemies.

The body of a swampling is mostly tendinous, covered by skin made of thousands of small scales. Males are green, females dark-brown. The typical sign of an adult Drench are the lugs present on its head, remotely recalling drotts. Drenchi have a noticeable difficulty with reproduction. The females lay 2-3 eggs once in a Gul, but only one is usually able to survive. The mating of swamplings is well-known to xenauts. The choking-like squawking can be heard over long distances in their mating season.

During one of Xeds expedition, his assistant Drinndo managed to find a body of a drench. His message made Xed very enthusiastic, as nobody was able to dissect this creature before. The enthusiasm was lost soon after the realization that the drench body found by Drinndo was already stripped of all flash by the local imballirs. Long ago after this event, Xed kept calling Drinndo with a mocking nickname "Bone-legs".