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Race: Efurok

Homeworld: Hoptar II

Era: ? - present

Efuroks are probably the most mysterious creatures of the Xennozone. In the past, they were mistakenly named efuruuk, even though physiologicaly they are completely different species. Efurok has flightless wings, is blind, but has perfect sense of orientation. Their deep bellowing warns everything around that it's entering efurok territory. In a few shocking cases, efurok spoke to the Xennists in ancient Mogra dialect or sang parts from khalfass psalm of Sirri Elpa, even though it doesn't posses any advanced intellect. Efurok's age haven't been confirmed yet and no remains were found of theis fascinating creature. There are around twenty males on Hoptar II, no female have ever been seen.

Efurok's tail spike carries a deadly venom that, pradoxicaly, is at the same time considered the strongest aphrodisiac in all Coraabia. As the efurok is able to regrow its severed tail, poachers and greedy galagoons consider it an perfect prey. There is no known way to keep efurok in captivity outside its homeworld - captive ones turn into useless dead biomass after a while.

Some Xennists theoretize that efuroks are pracicaly immortal in their natural environment. Weird vocal displays might then be recalling of sounds they heard when meeting first Mograt Xennauts and other aliens in Hoptar's ecosystem. Rumor has it that efuroks were created by Bethrezen himself as pets simply for his pleasure.