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Energon connected to the power interface during the reprocessing of his added interware.
(Coraabia Artist: Valerij Maksimov)

Race: Quak

Homeworld: WaalkWak

Era: around 1200 Tu - present

Despite his deceivingly childish looks, Energon is a fully developed member of the Quak race, which inhabits dry areas of major cities on WaalkWak. It is an extremely proud ethnic group that cannot cope with its own utter insignificance and backwardness, especially in comparison to the highly developed nations of WaalkWak. Even though their small bodies can pack a serious punch, few are able to resist chuckling or even lisping while speaking to them, which drives Energons up the wall. Their furious tantrums get even worse when someone mistakes them for a primitive slugoid nation called Quokh, with which Quaks like Energons unfortunately share a similar name.

Energons take any allusion to their childish appearance very personally. Many businesses throughout Coraabia ended up wrecked after Energon's choleric outburst following a demand for age verification. Of course, the dirty work is never handled by Energon himself but by some hired mercenary force - usually some kategat.

Teenagers often abuse the fear Energons instill in shopkeepers. Disguised as them, they visit shops with legal drugs or xenoporn without anyone daring to check their actual age. The whole farcical situation was once aptly expressed in a sub-etude Kategat around the corner, starring the peerless comedian Grom-paj.