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So many lifeforms have been under Felcho's hands that he could have built his own xenoZOO.
(Coraabia Artist: Cyril Van Der Haegen)

Race: Korchan

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4188 Tu - 4239 Tu

In his time, XeDr. Felcho was a successful and sought-after private xennosurgeon. He never asked any nosy questions and performed all operations anonymously - the patient only had to pay the money. Specializing in xennoorganisms on silicone basis, Felcho was able to treat dozens of different races in his private clinic. Government-run feldsheries had incredibly long waiting lists for even the simplest of procedures yet Felcho checked you out in a matter of days. As Korchans have the advantage of not requiring much sleep, he was capable of working for several Tols straight. Many lives were saved during his career and so in 4233 Tu, he was awarded with the prestigious Tarbonaut's ingot.

A funny anecdote is still circulating among Felcho's colleagues. During a routine surgery of one Foork immigrant's intestinal sac, a fecal imp badly bit Felcho in the face. This rare parasite was hiding for years in the intestinal tract of the poor xenno, only being awakened from its hibernation by the scalpel incision.

Felcho's bright career also had its fair share of darker facets. Every Tu, the famous xennosurgeon organized a beneficiary event during which he treated the C'Orian homeless for free for one whole Haze Day. In reality, what he really did was inserting his own progeny into the anesthetized patients, who then served as hosts for the hatching process. Reproducing the "Korchan way" has actually been strictly forbidden on Coraab.