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Garokks are popular bodyguards also for their unwavering loyalty. In some cases, garokk's individual body parts tried to follow and protect its master even after its final dismemberment.
(Coraabia Artist: Jonas Skoog)

Race: clone

Homeworld: Annor

Era: around 1900 Tu - present

Ever since Annor got integrated into the interplanetary politics few centuries ago, the usage of technologies throve on the green planet like never before. Garokk is one of the symbols of this unstoppable progress - the Annorian counterpart to a golem is a cloned warrior bred thanks to licensed WaalkWakian technologies. Its DNA combines traces of Annorian genome with various mutations granting it enhanced muscle growth and augmented senses. Garokks may act as bodyguards or mercenary soldiers. Because of their low intelligence, garokks specialize in simple melee combat.

While the first series of cloned garokks had a life expectancy of 8 Tu, scientists can triple it today. The greatest obtascle in further improvement is the degenerative disease Uktabo-9, which ultimately leads in garokk's spontaneous dismemberment. Despite significant sums spent by Annorian government, the efforts to combat Uktabo-9 have been futile.

Uktabo-9 is in fact nothing else than a segment of faulty WaalkWakian cryptocode hidden deep inside garokks' genes. Rumor has it that Waks intentionally overlooked this mistake so they could later enjoy generous funding for "fighting" the disease alongside Annorian scientists.