Gor Thannar

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Race: Thasan

Homeworld: Grannok

Era: 4231 Tu - present

Gor Thannar hails from Katha - a Thasan village hidden in the heart of the Grannokan jungle. A civilization of these deformed native Grannokans developed in the vicinity of the semi-intelligent mass Xa only thanks to their persistance, strict discipline, and most importantly because of their ability to hide away from daemons. In the utilitarian hierarchic society, Gor was predestined to become a daemon hunter. Ever since his childhood, he was coated by modified mass Xa, which transform skin into a durable armor and makes the individual smell like a lesser daemon. Some daemon hunters use the musky smell to cooperate with other lesser creatures of Xa - some even create life-long bonds with them. Not Gor. He views daemons as useful tools - game chasers or distracting meat shields.

Thannar seeks the thrill of the hunt but killing the usual dangerous game eventually became boring. When he brings a trophy from the head of the daemon Arthg to the village, the terrified Kathas expel him. Gor spends some time as a supplier of trophy merchants who introduce him to smugglers of Xa. The fruitful yet short-lived collaboration was stopped when Neo Xins seize the entire group along with Thannar.

Gor was safed from a long sentence by a certain Khalfassan merchant with exotic animals, who had traded with the Thasan before. However, he bails out Thannar under one condition - he must enter the Beast Games in Basaap and defeat the reigning champion from the competing team. After fulfilling this obligation, Gor starts working as a hunting guide for Xot millionaires all across the Xenozone.