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Race: Unliving - Ilokaj

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4106 Tu - 4248 Tu

Also nicknamed as Raspy or Lump. Graada was the last one of Virtoan branch of sobi'XaXes that in recent past controlled the nomadic caravans of Coraabian xennocircus Saasox. Virtos used to be infamous for their lavishness and lax attitude towards work - haven't Naadr, Graada's predecessor, won his fortune in thu'ku, they'd be shoveling ermidan dung to this day. Graada was the second Unliving sobi'XaX in history, he took over the declined xennocircus deep in red numbers. Alas, Graada made things just worse - the scheming Ilokaj was well known for his gambling addiction and high-stakes at Un-Nom-Pak. He watched every single fight on the oroi channels - didn't miss the show even at the cost of suddenly canceled meeting with the donors.

Graada never let go of his Traxolian cheroot, even though the substance has no effects on Ilokaj organism. Following many lost bets, Graada slowly became more and more neurotic - he rubbed the cheroot's butt for so long he ended up with just greasy mass between his fingers. If he couldn't get his hands on cheroot, he chafed gum or even animal feces.

Graada stole from the XaX quite much. After owing money for previous five Tu, Miners entered his tent and looked into the accounting sub-logs. And they were shocked - Ilokaj manager spent all [Xot]] on gambling and got Saasox on the brink of bancrupcy. Tals didn't wait any longer and lynched Graada. Then, they threw his beaten body where it belonged - into a great vat of ermidan dung.