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Race: Mogra

Homeworld: Mogra Troi, Cosmopolitan Worlds

Era: 4190 Tu - 4241 Tu

Grebar Vidi was a very promising - and for a certain time also very successful - mogratroian zolgraver. GraviX was a grand favourite to win in the ZoloX mastership in 4205 Tu and he would most likely become its youngest winner in history. Altough he knew that the racing environment was overgrown by corruption, GraviX was not ready for the underworld offer to lose for a fat sum of money. The youngster proudly refused the offer and entered the race. The underworld bosses hardly raised an eyebrow on his response and took good care of his monograv. The scary accident that followed had hardly any effect on GraviX's stubborn nature. The only noticable difference was that he started to wear a specially adjusted military-grade exoskelet, which was supposed to protect him from possible heavy accidents in the future.

His fiery temperament attracted women with same intensity, as a gel-trap lures the bity hazemoles. In fact, this was the only reason for GraviX's survival, as he was growing poorer and poorer. Upkept by rich matrons wishing for a "ride of their lives", he was able to forget the results of his frequent loses caused by factors outside of his control. It was typical for his career that he either finished first, or did not finish at all.

After one exuberant party, he spent a night with an ekhro fan, who fell deep in love with him. GraviX did hardly remember her - similar to majority of the women he slept with. Later on, when she tried to show him the "fruit" of their love before one of his races, GraviX nervously put her aside and got on the race, which become fateful to him. GraviX died before having a chance to get to know his own son Shkenny.