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"Don't think like a nail! Once you think like a nail, someone will hammer you down like one!" - Hettzib
(Coraabia Artist: Jonathan Fuller)

Race: Unliving - Ilokaj

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4136 Tu - 4273 Tu

Hettzib is a name that will be long remembered by the C'Orian Unliving wrestling community. The Ilokaj began his career in the bai-koptic machineworks, where he enjoyed watching Ilokajs wrestling during their breaks. The martial art was a local extreme sport called Krobba, in which the fighters try to hammer each other knee-deep into the coalox. Hettzib started to hand out advices and after some time, he eventually became their self-styled coach. By insisting on tenacious and uncompromising training, he led his Ilokajish fighters to the official championship, where they performed with unexpected success. Broader audience became interested in the sport and at one point, it was even considered as a candidate for addition to the programme of the Coraabiad. The nomination was not approved though, mainly due to the high percentage of serious injuries Krobba took as toll on its fighters.

After some time, Hettzib opened his own Krobba school, where his trainees created the necessary sports equipment on their own. The business was successful until one fateful Haze. During one of the training lessons, Hettzib mistakenly entered the sandpit. One of the frenzied fighters mistook his rickety body for a training dummy and smashed the trainer's head to a bloody mash with a single strike of sledgehammer.

In Hettzib's honor, C'Ora held the historically biggest Krobba championship. The event ended up in a bloodbath after the individual Ilokajish teams failed to agree on even the most basic rules. Krobba fell out of public favor and the formerly popular Hettzib was marked as the instigator of all the strife. His school was burned to the ground and Ilokajs slowly returned to their former jobs - in factories and Sokurr battlefields.