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Hwarang - a mighty emissary of the mass' intelligence of Grannok in times when it was still thinking positively.
(Coraabia Artist: Arturo Aguirre)

Race: Daemon

Homeworld: Grannok

Era: 2984 Tu - 3233 Tu

Despite often being ranked among the dangerous daemons because of an encyclopedists' fault, Hwarang was not really one of them. When the giant mass of biological waste on the planet Grannok transformed itself into the semi-intelligent mass Xa, it originated, along with many other creatures, the mighty yet peaceful Hwarang to act as a mediator with the outside world. Massive mining operations commenced after the discovery of unique features of the ever-spreading mass. Seeking protection, the mass began to create increasingly dangerous beings, the so-called daemons. They declared total war on all that lived on the planet. Hwarang opposed the bloodshed and killed tens of lower daemons in a deadly fight. As a reaction, deep in the innards of Xa, the first of the higher daemons was born - the insanely powerful B'Khelith. His mission was to eliminate Hwarang once and for all.

Ultimately, B'Khelith invited Hwarang to peace talks during which he sneakily attacked him. The fight was short - Hwarang was immediately put on the back foot when B'Khelith melted his left hand and blinded his primary vision. The original sovereign of Grannokan fauna and flora fell and the mass Xa definitely lost its last bastion of good. The victorious B'Khelith turned Grannok into a living hell.

To this day, B'Khelith suffers excrutiating pain from a deep wound nicknamed Hwarang's revenge. The incurable inflammation is caused by Hwarang's spit, which is considered to be one of the longest acting and strongest toxins in the Xennozone. That is one of the reasons why military laboratories of many powers are eagerly awaiting the capture of the daemon.