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Race: Bael

Homeworld: Orbital University

Era: 4101 Tu - 4285 Tu

Also nicknamed as Briner by the Oroists. Kra-Nol is the most senior member of skeleton repairmen squad Hof'Balla that operates on Coraabian Orbital University since it's founding. This Bael served under thee diffrent rectors, was forced to work several times in open exospace, once did halotron tool explode in his hand during fire drill. He survived all of these disasters. Oroists and especially Orbitalas love this veteran janitor. Young students bring him expensive regeneration salves from the surface and he tells stories in return. In recent years, Kra-Nol only does simple repairs and focuses on his pedagogic activities - every Tu he holds seminar about work safety.

Kra-Nol, unlike other Bael, never in his long life left the Orbital University grounds. Others leave from time to time to visit spa resorts or relatives to regenerate powers, Kra-Nol stays. Idea of kilometers of open sky above head and free space all around are a terrifiing nightmare for him.

Kra-Nol is the last living inhabitant of the Orbital University who lived through Reddan siege of the university in 4179 Tu. He survived the massacre by attaching himself to one of damaged Omega-bots and jettisoning into exospace. Reddan sensors seen him only as scrap and didn't bother him. Kra-Nol then ignited reserve power genertor - saving hundreds of Oroists lifes.