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Race: Unliving - Dung

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: -20,000 Tu - present

Maks are considered to be the one of the least intelligent Dungs. Some say that they are easily outsmarted even by ruuks, which are imported to Coraab as animals. In the Mining era, the Mak subtribe was used only for the simplest tasks. The discharge of the Tal colonies lead to an increase of discontent of the Dung tribes with their social standing. In the end, by signing the Great Coraabian Declaration, the Tal leadership was forced to grant the same rights to all forms of unlife, without exceptions. One of the declaration list items - the obligation to pay the Unliving for their work - becomes quite problematic for Maks, as they do not understand the concept of money and cannot count. To prevent the other races from misusing this Mak deficiency, the coraabish bureaus force the local businessmen in 3502 Tu to pay Maks exclusively in natural goods.

After gaining equality, Maks found their use especially on the Un-Nom-Pak battlegrounds. A team facing Maks is usually trying to quickly put Du'Nom out of the fight, as the Maks tend to turn against their own team after losing leadership. For this reason, Maks are often sent in the first wave to eliminate the enemy's first push and ideally to drop out of the game in the process.

Mak deployment to the game is considered as a blow below the belt and teams with high reputation stay away from it, if possible. It is though a strategy of most of the starting nom litters, which do not have solid financial background to recruit better wrestlers. The legendary JugJuga team made it all the way to the elite this way. Once it gained enough money, it changed the strategy and refuses the use of Maks ever since.