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Race: Möbu

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4222 Tu - present

Former member of the Blupan criminal syndicate. Between 4244 Tu - 4249 Tu he worked for the boss Kepballa himself, specializing in carrying ot the most messy jobs. To Möbus, meta-insect race hailing from extremely dangerous environment of planet Yttor, life on Coraab is an vacation. Mallarich's physical endurance can match even that of a Bael - he doen't need a respirator during the rust storms, he walks past flames as if it were a spring rain. The only drawback he may feel is Coraab's higher gravity, that caused his wings not to develop properly. Because of that, he limps without his protective exoskeleton. Kepballa used him for murdering high-ranking members of competing oragnizations until the Blupan's inglorious end in 4249 Tu.

Disempowered Mallarich later found out that Blupa exists once more, now under the leadership of uufthakan brothers Muomth and Duomth. His ego couldn't get ovet the fact that he is no longer needed by the syndicate. In 4270 Tu, Mallarich inflitrated the organisation's headquarters and assaulted Muomth, burning his left hand and head with acid. He was however forced to retreat under heavy fire before causing any more damage.

Mallarich doesn't bother with weapons in combat. The Möbu's mouth jet is all he needs to spit strong XYTTG bio-acid over several meters. In the most dire situations, he is able to rip out one of his top eyes, that carry and spread extremely deadly venom. Möbus are born with eight of these eyes and they don't grow back. Mallarich only has three left.