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Race: Demag

Homeworld: Bolga

Era: 4218 Tu - 4266 Tu

He got Dubh and he’s heading towards us! Those were the last words of commanding immar from the monograver troops before an unknown attacker clubed him to death with a bent corabit pipe. Maniok deifinetely didn’t have an easy life and that’s why his destiny is as it is. His family flees from Bolga in 4223 Tu in fear of the coming war with the qu-puic korate. First they seek refuge on the crowded Kokran but they are menaced by the local politic to early deportation home. Demagian refugees finally gather their last finances and wobble directly to Coraab. Maniok lives in bochezai imigration camp Du'Gad throughout all of his childhood. He quickly learns here that adaptation to the local rough conditions is the key to survival. He gradually becomes a fright.

Maniok’s family wobbled to Coraab without any resources. All of their members live by in a highly toxic local enviroment without any domestication procedure. It strongly influences his health; his father scatters his lungs by a deep breath and his mother soon dies because of [[Nucleocrechy]. Maniok lives to his adulthood but his suffers with rapid rashes.

Maniok is totally disgusted by the local society thanks to his experience. He becomes an outcast and he shifts from one criminal gang to another. He plunders and assassinates and he helps his fellow-countryman climb the high walls of Du'Gad during the Haze for a bribe. During a skirmish he kills several of his cullys in a blast of rage and then brutally attacks the policemen. He is pacified by the coming gravtron.