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Race: artificial intelligence

Homeworld: We'Rd

Era: first series produced approximately in 3900 Tu

"I can see them swarming on the surface, they are like stampeding pukebugs. There are hundreds of thousands of them... if not millions! There is nowhere to land, they would eat me alive down there..." Last words of the YNH11 recon module graver raised serious concerns among the InCorps commanders. Numerous encounters with defensive automatons on the surface of the We'Rd moon complicated namely the possibility of a ground intervention. The mechanitron itself is a rather simple machine, which does not require complex maintenance nor excessive energy. During movement across open spaces it is fully autonomous, in the saving mode it is powered by self-charging solar cells. Not all mechanitrons are armed – in need, however, they are able to produce their own weapons thanks to termic processing of surrounding minerals in a relatively short time.

Subsequent recon flights revealed that almost fifty million of these bots walk the rocky plains of We'Rd, which crowns them as the most numerous production series in the region. The sample analysis also claims that mechanitron is not very much fit for operations on planets with denser atmosphere. For unknown reason, InCorps keeps this information hidden from the general public.

Mechanitron is able to fold itself and it is possible to fasten it on magrav hulls. For this reason, it is a perfect device for assaulting enemy starships. In a proper moment, the machine detaches from the hull and pursues the enemy vessel using manoeuvring nozzles. There it will disrupt the hull integrity and attempt to enter the ship, or freely roam across the ship hull to destroy important defensive systems.