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Race: unliving - meta-parasite

Homeworld: Ulgor

Era: approximately 1000 Tu - present

Mombax is a small meta-insect native to Ulgor. It is believed that it was artificially created around 1000 Tu to pollinate fruit trees. Originally it did not posses the ability to reproduce on its own, but thanks to its outstanding adaptability, this drawback was overcome soon after its creation. Once in its life, an adult mombax finds a host, to which he injects his DNA with his sting. The DNA moves on to the bloodstream and ends up in the intestines of the unsuspecting victim, where is creates embryos of new individuals. The growing larvae produce an enzyme, which causes rapid aggression growth in [Ulgo]s, which often results with violent criminal acts. When mombax concludes the larvae stage of its growth, it exits the host via his excrements and the enzyme production is discontinued. The host is then able to recover from his previous madness and starts to realize in horror, what he caused in the meantime.

Parasitologist An'Taan, who came to Ulgor to study the local meta-parasites, proposed a theory that mombax was created soon after the arrival of Ulgos to the planet, which happened around -22000 Tu. Aside from the uncommonly bloody history of Ulgor, he also pointed out the archived records from -4820 Tu, in which certain meta-king describes his temporary madness, which seemingly lasted for the average mombax incubation time.

Parasitologist An'Taan worked five long Tu on a substance capable of destroying the mombax embryos in the host body. Unfortunately, he unknowingly became a mombax host himself and in one of the violence erruptions he got into a conflict with a local Ulgem, who was also infected. Ulgo killed the parasitologist in the subsequent encounter and lit his home, by which he permanentnly damaged the half-finished cure and all existing sub-logs.