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For Annors, Mongs are something like native eco-terrorists. However, their culture is unexpectedly developed, based on millenia of experience and perfect knowledge of the surrounding environment.
(Coraabia Artist: Carlos Cabrera)

Race: Atta-Oko

Homeworld: Ymef

Era: 4201 Tu - present

The exotic Ymef has always defended its territories and its fragile ecosystem against intruders. Bonk is a representative of the ancient nest of Mongs, whose destiny has been to work as rangers for the pre-agreed period of eighteen generations. When Mongs complete their sacred task, the Atta-okan Elders' Council shall meet once again on the summit of the sacred mountain Pu-Athylil and they will choose a new nest to shoulder the burden for following centuries. A ranger is one of the most respected members of the community - his special task is to keep the area clear, even at the cost of direct confrontation with intruders, be it gluttonous flying sairuuks or vessels of greedy corporations, which are coming to Ymef in droves from developed worlds.

Every Mong has an communication egg in their equipment, with which they can call their brothers and sister to arms in a flash. Bonk has used it many times in the past, because his territory belongs among the most threatened ones. The sacred Bande-kchai's fields teem with wide range of rare minerals, which naturally attracts many unwelcomed visitors.

Bong views his duty as a boring chore, a despotic curse of the Elders which once fell upon his family. He is secretly building a module in the mountains which he plans to attach to one of the ships that are illegally landing on Ymef from time to time. His dream is to start a new life devoid of the outdated traditions, prefferably on some distant world of the mysterious Coraabia.