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Noms are a collectible issue. You buy one and you want more. Buy more and you want all. Only that way you will get the best one. - Shaago
(Coraabia Artist: Yoncho Yonchev)

Race: UnlivingDung

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: Upper Dump - present

Many xaliens from distant worlds consider the Unliving to be a race of simple wrestlers - which is of little surprise when all travel agencies center their tours of Coraab around a visit of local contests in brutal Un-Nom-Pak. Since the Sokurr was officially banned in C'Ora, Un-Nom-Pak has been constantly growing in popularity. The fever that swept millions of Coraabians visiting the overcrowded arenas also meant astronomical profits for organizers and bookmakers. Nom Dungs (i.e. Nomma'Dung, The Wrestling Dungs) are sub-celebrities like actors, politicians or vi-mags. Un-Nom-Pak is a tough, high-contact martial sport. Previously, the ultimate matches were fought to the last man; nowadays, the referee ends the match in an opportune, cliffhanging moment.

The wrestling Noms often try to involve spectators in the fight - they either throw their opponent into the stands or jump themselves into the crowd in an attempt to dodge the opponent's strikes. The match often ends in a stadium-wide slaughter, a proxy battle between the camps of opposing fans. The Un-Nom-Pak wrestlers are then awarded bonus points according to its outcome.

Un-Nom-Pak has not yet been put on the programme of the famous Coraabiad, a fact Noms harshly criticize as blatant discrimination as these matches have a long and respectable tradition. In order for a Dung to earn a promotion to Nom, he has to undergo decades of degrading and rigorous combat training. Thanks to the almost absolute illiteracy among Nom Dungs, these wrestlers sign scandalously unfavorable lifelong contracts.