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Race: Nu'Being

Homeworld: unknown

Era: allegedly around -25,000 Tu

Also known as Nuq'Pata (Hungry Nu). Annoraan traditionalists claim that their homeworld was empty and lifeless very long ago. One day however, the surface was veiled by a great shadow. A powerful Nu being descended from the sky, so big that it covered the land from horizon to horizon. Once it landed, it started to consume the every-present rocks. In the end, it ate so much of them that it exploded with a deafening thunder. Water and mud poured out from its guts, trees grew from its bones, meta-insects, animals, Baias, Annors and other nations swarmed from its mouth. The great mountain ranges of Annor, such as Happa-nua or Nnodara are a reminiscence of the former Nu'Pataai's size - allegedly they are but small spikes from the back of its titan-like body. Nu'Pataai is being celebrated during the Sta-Koi festival, where Annors overeat themselves to honor him.

Several centuries ago, the xenohunters found a gargantuan skelleton of an unknown creature, measuring almost half a kilometer in length. This immediatelly ignited passionate speculations about its origin, with many claiming that these must be the remnants of Nu'Pataai itself. A detailed analysis later determined the truth - it was most likely a ritual act of a primitive Ertosso tribe, which connected and processed thousands of Ruuk skelletons.

The Sta-Koi festival is more of a blowout than anything else. The local tribe selects an individual, which takes over the role of so called Koa-kan (something like Were-eater). The individual is fed to the highest bearable limit. The tribe then carries him around hanged upside down on a primitive construction. His vomit is supposed to have beneficial effects on digestion and brings luck in the next Tu.