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Oroi (network, all-seeing being) is a term referring to a Coraabian information network of the first generation that still serves as the primary communication device between Coraabians.

Oroi is a communication interface that is widely used in all spheres of intraplanetary communication. Oroi is used for simultaneous transmission of audiovisual signals as well as during business, official, or diplomatic contact. Oroi is also employed to creative work by Coraabian vi-mags or traditionalistic nu-bloggers.

History[edit | edit source]

Oroi was launched around 2954 Tu in laboratories of information technology experts of the Miner university Pthral. Obsolete optical and satellite networks had to be replaced with a more efficient platform suitable for mass communication and sharing logs or other data. While "oroization" of C'Ora took dozens of Tu, centuries had to pass before orthodox citizens of Min'Ora migrated to it as well. Around 3250 Tu, oroi was used by 54 % of Coraabian population.

In 3265 Tu, oroi officially became a part of the network sub-net, which already connected tens of developed solar systems. This caused a complete collapse of the network at first, because it was not prepared for the enormous influx of data. The situation eventually stabilized and Coraabians could thus use the extended oroi to consume orders of magnitude more information from all corners of Coraabia.

Certain data is gathered in several stringexes, which are periodically sent to both ends of the string WakaX+. Other civilizations can thus enjoy the "fruits" of Coraabian civilization - diplomatic messages, treaties, copies of min-logs, rare vi-magic pieces, or xenoporn.

Today, immigrants and the younger generation abandon oroi and use only for the compulsory contact with the government and its officials. Sub-net can be already used without the access to the local Coraabian network.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Oroi uses an advanced translation algorhythm Lop144, which is able to comprehensively localize as much as 97 % of information that oroi takes from sub-net.
  • The term oroist has paradoxically become a label for astrologists, starmancers, or the cosmological science in genera thanks to one its translation meaning something akin to "all-seeing".