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Race: Daemon

Homeworld: Grannok

Era: 3250 Tu - 3806 Tu

Estimated numbers of daemons terrorizing Grannok's surface are between hundreds and thousands individuals, but only a few became infamous enough to earn their own name. Plastoss is believed to be one of the most powerful ones. As all other daemons, he was born of the mysterious Xa mass that covers much of the planet's surface. Unlike most wild ones, he is dangerously purposeful and calculating. Together with daemon B'Khelith, he posed the greates danger to all Xa miners and especially to Proto Xin order, that tries to restore the balance and prevent new monsters to be born.

Greater daemons are able to alter the Xa mass over short distances telegnomicaly and often use it to gain advantage in combat. Plastoss became a true master of this skill. Many a victim fell into his deadly traps - they drowned in melted mountain or were torn apart in plasmatic vortex.

Daemons were at first classified as a new species of the Unliving. That provoked a strong backlash among Coraabian adcademics. Scientists of the Orbital university labeled the works a mistake. After the famous manifest of unliving activists under S.K.O.B. educational association, daemons were reclassified as so called poly-entities.