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Prachaan Zaan

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Prachaan Zaan depicted in one of his metaphysical forms, which he uses during his interactions with the surrounding non-virtualized world.
(Coraabia Artist: Daniel Mist)

Race: artificial intelligence

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 3970 Tu - present

The controversial artificial being Prachaan Zaan is an unplanned creation of several students of the Orbital university. They were formerly working on a UI capable of searching through the networks for compromising information on the university's employees. Things got out of control, however, when students realized that Prachaan was using the information as he pleased and stopped obeying its creators. This started a hopeless effort to cage the virtual demon, who - in the meantime - almost managed to paralyse the whole Orbital university. In an effort to evade the zealous sub-mags searching for his basecode, Prachaan Zaan copied himself to the released infodust of Moa'Iol and managed to escape to Coraab. Here he continues in his "legacy" through oroi - data theft, information vandalism and dangerous spam cloud creation are the pillars of his virtual existence.

To this day, Prachaan Zaan is persistently being hunted by professional and amateur sub-mags alike. They know that their efforts are futile, but the mere vision of revealing Prachaan is a satisfactory temptation - such act would surely get them into the Hacking hall of fame. Prachaan Zaan however keeps improving his existence matrix and it does not seem likely that anyone would be able to significantly endanger him in the years to come.

Prachaan Zaan enjoys creation of quantities of fictional identities, which demonstrate themselves on the network as nu-bloggers or sub-porters. The artificial being is thus in the centre of information from almost all important media on Coraab. Its spam clouds produce more information then the whole c'orish sub-net hub. Planetary network specialists regretfully believe that the coraabish data infrastructure will never be able to get rid of Prachaan.