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Race: Ruuk

Homeworld: Annor

Era: around -150 000 Tu - present

Pteruuk, nicknamed also sawtooth (or birdtooth) is one of many Annoran Ruuks. This species is most widespread on the continent Ka-pai, where it has ideal conditions for life. Pteruuk is not at all timid and does not hesitate to make contact with Annor's residents. Its trusting nature make this species an easy prey for xennohunters, who catch it and then illegally sell to other worlds. High rates of export and continuous poaching got it to the point of extinction. Monogamous pteruuk usually forms couples for life and if the pair is split, the Ruuk refuses to mate with other individuals. For this reason, rescue reservation named Pte-Kada was established in Ka-pai. Thanks to the diligent work of local farmers, numbers of Annoran pteruuks rose again in recent decades.

Pteruuk is one of the few feathered Ruuks. It grows to a height of one meter, is an excellent flier and builds its nest high in the crowns of Chaal trees. It feeds on the ground, using strong claws it digs in soil looking for overripe fruit or small meta-insects. On the ground, however, it is the most vulnerable and often becomes a victim of various predators and xennohunters.

The tyrant Annh Calephar owned a Pteruuk named Ka-wo. It accompanied him almost everywhere, and even today, in some Annoran collections, you can find paintings of Calephar with his pteruuk on shoulder. Having to share Lord Calephar's attention however wasn't easy for Caleph. It all ended with pteruuk's death - the tuonn crossbreed ultimately ripped it to pieces in a fit of jealousy.