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A translation from the dry speech of Soops renders something like freespace.

Qawakka is a large region stretching from the complanet WaalkWak and Bau-Zonda to the periphery of Coraabia. Foreign nations have a hard time exploring it as the entire area is heavily guarded by Wakian armed forces despite sharp protests from the population of Bau-Zonda. As a result, it is one of the most secretive regions of Coraabia.

Some say Qawakka might hide several largely undeveloped planetary cultures. Powerful telescopes also detected world rich in various natural resources.

It has been proven that WaalkWak uses peripherak areas of Qawakka as testing grounds for its most powerful weapon prototypes.

The Cosmopolitan Liga discovered only in 4257 Tu that the artificial string Qaka4- leads into Qawakka. While it was previously used for oscillations of persons with the highest security clearance, everyone thought the oscillations led to Org or Xa-Sol.

WaalkWak thus apparently explores the distant areas of Qawakka on its own. Where Qaka4- really leads still remains a mystery for all except a few top Wakian leaders.

Worlds of Qawakka