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Race: artificial intelligence

Homeworld: WaalkWak

Era: first series produced in 4120 Tu

The Qu-bot production was first started in 4120 Tu by the Qqant corporation to seize the insufficiently penetrated market on Annor. Qu-bot was designed to be fully waterproof, self-cleaning and resistant to rust. Its primary task was to drain the swamps on Annor, but thanks to its hydraulic joints - where it is possible to install any heavy machinery or tools - it is able to manage all kinds of various tasks from road construction to demonstration repressions. The corporation however did not make a deep market analysis beforehand and thus did not consider the negative stance of the Annor population to mechanoids. The sales of this new series were thus miserable and Qqant ceased the production soon after introduction. In 4164 Tu, the coraabian mining giant ToZanX used the opportunity to buy the patent for Qu-botů production for a fraction of its original price and still uses Qu-bots for raw corabid mining tasks.

In 4169 Tu, a group of rich oligarchs seized power in the First Thul, the biggest of the tree states on Traxol, which ignited an uprising. The poorly equipped rebels used their knowledge of the swampy terrain to place their strikes. This forced the Oligarchs to purchase thousand of swamp-equipped Qu-bots and - unfortunately - equip them with heat-seeking rockets. This resulted in a terrible cross-destruction of the majority of Qu-bots right after the first rocket launch.

Qu-bots became famous on Coraab thanks to a Humpitch! reporter, who mockingly insulted the models from Bukakella's agency for bodily Miners, claiming that they are not women, but Qu-bots with secondary sexual characteristics. Bukakella reacted in way perfectly suitable for her character - on the next fashion parade, she used Qu-bots instead of her usual models. The miner audience has shown a great sense of humour by selecting Qu-bot KR-X34 as the girl of the month.