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Called Hoppa in the language Coraabish.


A dramatic live sub-port from a governmental channel Kot-Agan was streaming the attempts to catch a feral zmeug on Kogan. • 4271 Tu.(Coraabia Artist: Anton Zeif)

A sub-channel is a term referring to a separate datastream with its own signature that oscillates on a string in the from of a visual or audiovisual content. Many sub-channels are commercial and can be only viewed after paying a certain fee.

Popular sub-channels[edit | edit source]


  • CorCHA - an investigative sub-channel
  • Cor-7 - mostly for oroi, planetary news
  • Oro8 - a home sub-channel emulated for streaming through oroi
  • GronKHA - an entertainment stream
  • N0K - Zhnawk's personal sub-channel
  • Oor-1 - an information sub-channel focused on live political news
  • ZYI9 - criminological sub-channel