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Race: Ruuk

Homeworld: Hoptar II

Era:  ? - 3995 Tu

Called umpao (swello) by Annors. The exotic co-planet of Hoptar II was only recently discovered by the Annors. The planet was never inhabited by any advanced culture - it didn't even have a name. So when the explorers landed on planet and discovered it has one of the most diverse biotopes in the Xennozone, they were utterly fascinated. Thoruuks, one of the local beasts, were a sensation for the xennologists - dead hoptaran branch, a reflection of the ancient predators that for centuries evolved in the isolation. Thoruuk devours minerals that feed xennoparasites in its guts. The parasites are able to release highly irritating substance that causes swelling rage - the animal grows multiple-times it's size and poisonous gasses escaping from its body hiss and roar.

Thoruuk, thanks to the unique hoptaran environment it evolved in, is absolutely unfit for breeding. The unpredictable beast often attacked the prospectors that visited Hoptar II at the end of the fourth millennium. Since Annors wanted to secure their mining operations on large deposits of triburoten, they burned the potassium fields and xennoparasites' central hatcheries. This led to thoruuk's gradual extinction.

When the members of xennist U-mong gambit learned of [[Annor] government's plans, they landed illegaly on Hoptar II and smuggled several thoruuks to CuCaan. And so thoruuks, who couldn't survive on the alien worlds, sleep in the underground hibernation tanks, waiting for a chance to return.