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The metamorphic region Ul-che is a home for many bizzare races and nations.
(Coraabia Artist: Igor Vitkovskiy)

Ul-che means settlement Ul in the language of Ulgos.

Ul-che is a peripheral region of Coraabia including Ulgor and several other developed worlds. Ul-che used to be equally partitioned between the Xenozone and Qawakka but meta-king Xul Bi-So announced an establishment of a new sovereign region in 3482 Tu in an effort to sever the ties to outside hegemons like WaalkWak or CuCaan.

Other worlds of Coraabia long declined to ratify the independence of Ul-che, which made it to most official maps only after 3950 Tu as an act of solidarity after a devastating epidemic of Marrdac plague, which almost annihilated the entire population of Ulgor.

Today, Ul-che is regarded as an unstable and unpredictable region with unabashed power-hungry ambitions.

Worlds of Ul-che