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Race: Unliving - Dung

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: Upper dump - present

Umbu is one of the lesser Dung subtribes that usually lives in Vatter slums of C'Ora. Their behavior is very primitive and they are willing to fight over the smallest of banalities. Getting in the way of an Umbu means a trip straight to the feldshery. According to an ancient agreement, Umbus cannot participate in the famous Un-Nom-Pak. They view this provision as a sign of a long-term discrimination and they attend the battles anyways, cheering on the stands in the core of the fan wings alongside Miners and xaliens. It is not unusual that a numerous group of Umbus can turn the tide of the battle during the Bu-Pak. Traditionally, Vats Rekrmich are the team with the largest Umbu fan base.

Umbus have very weak immune systems, which makes them the easiest meta-parasite prey among all Dungs. Moreover, about forty percent of the population suffers from the so-called kwaba. This mold infects their internal organs and causes seizures that can lead to fits of cannibalism. If the disease manifests itself right after emerging from the reproduction vat, the individual is mercilessly recycled.

Wrestlers of Vats Rekrmich have a stable Umbu fan group BU-krmich that attends their every tournament. Vats gained several of their titles only thanks to these determined hecklers who performed unbelievable deeds on the tribunes during the middle and final phases of [Un-Nom-Pak]]. Noms have been long contemplating inclusion of Umbus in their regular starting line-up. Mugu himself said he would gladly incorporate several of these radical Umbus immediately.