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I ain't hiring no more Vakants! I once used one to get to my hotel in C'Ora... that kurnut drove like I was a keg of chaalk! When I refused to tip him, he spat a stinky gob right into my face. -Bon Bruulo
(Coraabia Artist: Julian Johnson-Mortimer)

Race: Vakant

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: Middle Dump - present

Ancient Vakants are one of the few living nations who had been inhabiting Coraab long before the arrival of Miners. Due to their specific body structure and untamed nature, these silicon-based creatures were far from suitable for heavy manual labor, unlike the Unliving. That might have been the reason they remained practically ignored by the colonizers. Their closed community thus could persevere in a virtually unaltered form while the rest of the planet went through eras of dramatic changes. Several Vakant lairs were rediscovered by the famous traveller Mango Mana around 2250 Tu. Some young Vakants decided to follow him back to C'Ora in order to experience the outside world. It proved to be a decidedly good move as their homeland was completely destroyed by a massive discharge of the radioactive Dump only a few decades later.

Approximately three thousand specimen of this curious species live in C'Ora today. A Vakant walks on four legs, its vocal cords are undeveloped and it uses all its limbs to whatever purposes it needs. Theirs is a very tightly-knit community. These quadrupeds strictly uphold ancestral traditions and carefully protect their privacy. Among their most common occupations belong weaving or acting as a living rickshaw.

For a certain period of time, riding a Vakant was a symbol of the highest prestige among the Coraabian aristocracy - until the day when a bunch of ethanol-drunk Miner upstarts got an idea to arrange a Vakant race. Furious Vakants refused to take part in it and kicked all their self-appointed jockeys unconscious.