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Race: unliving - Chon

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4203 Tu - present

Chons are a rather scarce unliving ethnic, which occupies strictly only the areas of c'orish Periphery. Warazul was thus born to an extreme and merciless environment at the edge of civilization, where no being from the city would ever date to enter. He makes his living from trafficking illegal refugees, who are forced to secretly leave the coraabish centropolis for various reasons. Warazul uses several proven escape paths through the Periphery, leading the refugees for a fat toll to Igitt, Ma'Kaar or to the remote Taal. He intentionally uses such paths which cannot be used by an antigrav to decrease any possibility of being tracked. He never asks the refugees about the reason for leaving the city – his services are thus used by various disreputable individuals, who are to be either jailed or deported by the authorities.

Similar to all other chons, Warazul deeply hates the Miners, who brought his ethnic almost to the edge of extinction. He succumbs to his anger during one job, when he finds on the agreed location not the xenno galathug, but his miner wife with two children. Warazul uses this situation for personal revenge - he leaves the woman in the middle of the Periphery and takes the children with him to sell them to the Uufthaka slavers.

Even despite his inborn hatred, Warazul gets to like to the Talish duo. He starts to call them Buo and Phaa and uses them as front-running scouts while crossing poorly-mapped areas. One day he mistakenly reveals that he purposefully left their mother in the middle of the Periphery. The children immediately persuaded him to help them find her and thus set themselves on a journey with an unknown end.