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Race: unliving - Zomb

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 1751 Tu - present

High ranked Zaan is one of most politicaly active Unliving on Coraab. Because Warrchar belongs to the wave of later awoken zombs, he didn't experience the Unliving states era or centuries of Mines supremacy. This is printed in his attitudes, which are, for example in case of Xeno imigration or expanding of mechanical cultures, surprisingly liberal. Warrchar comes through many various important positions - he is one of signatories of Caor pact, he is supervising constructions of outer sectors of centropolis, he coo-prefaced first Coraabic games, In Circle lodge stands as one of B'Wors until its dismission in 4186 Tu. He is very popular by C'Ora unlivings, although on distant Min'Ora is in the eyes of orthodox traditionalists seen as heretic and xenofil.

Warrchar over centuries get into several sharp clashes with Valigursai. Who critisies his secret negociacion with WaalkWak, which is admired by Warrchar for its sophistication and access to technologies. But Valigursai has concerns that "great" civilization with its goods and migration waves engulf original coraab culture and he leads a long hate campaign agains Warrchar.

In 4264 Tu Tu Warrchar meets Redd armo Tiamar on We'Rd. He tries force him to agree with peace with Coraab, but cunning Tiamar captures Warrchar instead of dialogue. When Hermes hears about this classified event, he gets furious and publishes about Warrchars "betrayal". Outraged disgusted Zombs, distance from their kind immmediately.