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Race: Unliving - Dung

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4219 Tu - present

In the services of Zaan Valigursai, Xapek adopted many attributes not typically associated with Dungs, like aversion to violence and tolerance for the living. He eventually left Zaan's sphere of influence, vowed himself to pacifism, and headed to preach his teachings to those willing to pay attention. Xapek linked himself to Wohrra's legacy, which brought him many followers. His goal was to convert a real leader to his ideas, someone to whom the masses would patiently listen. The revolutionary Mugu immediately proclaimed Xapek's ideas as worthy of following, except for the alien path of non-violence. The bloody coup attempted by the movement Gu-Rang was however swiftly quelled and as Mugu's successor, Xapek was sentenced to many Tu in the Goa'Kach prison.

Xapek's stay in Goa'Kach is not an uneventful one. As a Dung responsible for death of hundreds of Tals, his unlife is about as valuable as rust. It is then unsurprising that on one Haze Day, locks on his cell door loosened and a mysterious stranger stepped in. Without hesitation, Xapek pacifies the alien in one fell swoop. Meditating about the level of acceptable violence, he awaits the arrival of the suprised prison warden.

Tormented by his feelings of responsibility for premature end to thousands of lives and unlives, Xapek ponders the basics of his doctrine. After he survives the third assassination attempt, he is determined more than ever that his way of non-violent resurgence leading to equal rights for all Unliving tribes is correct. He informs Dungs Lebok and Bacche of his visions and they officially proclaim Xapek as the new ideological leader of the oppressed movement Gu-Rang.