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Xirhanna in her ceremonial armor which underlined her noble Tal descent.
(Coraabia Artist: Eoghan Cowan)

Race: Tal

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 91 Tu188 Tu

The grand-daughter of the infamous Miner lord Tal Turog was, after Ytterbia, the second and last Lady of Excavation from X-Tal in the history. Xirhanna was cold-hearted and ruthless; during her reign, the Unliving lost even the last remnants of their rights which they managed to preserve after being enslaved. She went as far as to sack all Zombs from their overseer functions and replaced them by lower Tals, which aroused bitter strifes amongst the community of the Unliving. Due to the raised quotas and spreading of the excavation sites up to the Rusty Dunes, X-Tal became the undisputed hegemon among Tal colonies for centuries to come. The historical impact of Xirhanna is hotly disputed: for the ultraorthodox traditionalists, she is the role model of ambition and accomplishment, while for the native Unliving, she represents a despicable mass murderer.

Shortly before her death, Xirhanna planned to issue an edict which would abolish titles of all Miner lords. Her sons Nakataar and Makard would be the only two supreme Tals, progressively taking control of all the other Tal colonies. However, her plot was not realised because one day, during a routine inspection round of the dominions, she was swallowed up by a massive dump wave.

Zombs in X-Tal attempted four unsuccessful assasinations of Xirhanna, each setting off a dramatic wave of repression. Only a divine intervention saved X-Tal Zombs from a complete extermination as Xirhanna died before she could do so. This, too, was a part of the notional to-do list of the bloodthirsty Lady of Excavation, which she took to the grave with her forever.