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Race: Tal

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4237 Tu - present

The initially perspective student of adictology got fired from the Orbital university thanks to the jealousy of one professor, who could not get over Ygir's lesbian orientation. The young Tal managed just fine even without a university title and soon started to mingle in trading with illegal psychotropic stimulants in C'Ora. Her willingness to offer more services of intimate character to her female clients also significantly added to her success. Her fame kept spreading into more and more rich and important clients, who easily succumbed to her false servility and willingly shared with her their personal or business secrets in the moments of mutual contentment. Ygir was a careful listener and soon realized that the trade with information earns a lot more money than the risky profession of a drug dealer.

While searching for a high quality source of rokos smoke, Ygir met Zar from the Sol caste. Both women got attracted to each other, but the careful Zar held back for a long period of time, which drove the overly keen Ygir almost to madness. Their relationship formed a basis of an ideal trade cooperation, which generated profit and pleasure for both of them. Ygir gained a perfect source of the drug for her rich clients and Sol Zar gained valuable compromising information about the Talish elite.

The information trading gradually becames the main source of their income. When Ygir's drug-dealing past got unveiled, she did not hesitate to arrange the murder of Bael Dol-Bek, who was investigating the case. The long term addiction to rokos smoke took its price after some time, however - the girl keeps suffering from frequent epileptic fits and advancing paranoia. Zar keeps trying to force her friend to undergo an addiction cure - but she is unsuccessful so far.