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Race: Uufthaka

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4239 Tu - present

Where it stirs, there I'am. That is the motto of Znok's personal sub-channel N0K, that spreads his scandalous vi-logs to the world. This Uufthakan vi-mag built his career with a swarm of camera augs, that he sends (for money or his personal vouyeristic pleasure) to C'Oran airspace. If you want to spy on your enemies or just record vi-log of your cheating wife - call Znok! One is for sure - this chubby xenno is very protective of his toys and if you lay a finger on them, the deal is canceled. It is said that Zhnawk doesn't even leave his bivak anymore and solely depends on courriers to bring him everything he needs. Tabloid sub-journals like Provincial gash and Blink are his main employers.

Among his top catches is a recording of scene, where bodyguards beat the xennomodel Mooda-Rai. More positive ones are Bor-Khal slipping during meeting with Prefect Yamdra or ethanolic scene of two drunk byrokraths and their wasted klajgars throwing themselves into a sewer.

During dung rebellion Gu-Rang in 4270 Tu, Znok's augs captured upsetting scenes of InCorps troops burning dozens of innocent dung sportsmen unlive on the outskirts of Sector 9. The vi-mag did not hesitate and sent the scandalous log to his friends in Humpitch!. Government channel bought the record right away for astronomical price to destroy in secrecy.