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Zomb'Skaraa (literally "the language of Zombs") is an ancient language used by all Zomb subtribes. Zombic is today viewed as basically a dead language, although it used to be regularly used even by some Atomos, Wigits, or Wild Bones - Du'Baels.

The language first appeared along with first awakened Zombs at the end of the Early Dump around -30,000 Tu.

Zomb'Skaraa had a big influence on the vocabulary of the current most popular language on Coraab - Coraabish. Pretty much all words containing -eei, -eek, -aai, or complex crackling agglutinations with wo-, wa-, -hr, rh- originated in the Zombic vocabulary. The two languages have diametrically different grammar and syntax, though. Zomb'Skaraa is built on one big set of idioms and courtesy modes. One sentence can be said in fifteen or twenty ways to contain slightly different levels of politeness or mood. It is most definitely a very complicated language that is very different to learn for someone outside of the Unliving community.

Around 7,000 beings can speak the traditional form of Zomb'Skaraa on today's Coraab - mostly orthodox Zomb traditionalists, devoted linguists, and academicians from Orbital University.

Words used today

Abcayaa - Dump

anree - Unliving genome

banree - Miner

ezaai - leader, revolutionary

lop'teekaai - servant, privileged slave

oraai - Coraabia, multiverse